Biomagnetic professional support

By purchasing Biomagnetic Renaissance® pulse magnetotherapy devices you are opening the door towards stronger health, faster healing and a solution to a wide variety of health problems that you may not have been able to cure in the past. In order to allow for optimum use of the Biomagnetic Renaissance® devices, we provide our clients professional support prior to purchase as well as after the purchase of our products. We will fully instruct you how to best use our products and answer all your questions. You just need to contact us on e-mail or on Cyprus telephone number 978 105 29.

Biomagnetic Renaissance® – devices suitable for home use

The dimensions of the Biomagnetic Renaissance® devices, their design, material, overall properties and price make them perfect for individual home care. Therefore if you suffer from any conditions described here it is more than likely that we have a solution for you. Should you have any queries as to the choice of appropriate components or choice of suitable programmes, you can contact our manager Cyprus, Mrs. Milada Alexandrou on e-mail or on Cyprus telephone number 978 105 29.

Biomagnetic Renaissance® – devices suitable for medical and physiotherapeutic practises

Biomagnetic Renaissance® devices can, of course, be also used in medical and physiotherapeutic practices. High efficiency and pleasant design of our devices help to support clients’ confidence in the respective medical doctor or physiotherapist. Our devices are capable of contributing to the solution of a wide range of conditions, which can be studied here.

Selecting the right device

Complete Biomagnetic Renaissance® magnetotherapy sets offered in Cyprus always contain one top of the range pulse generator Duo Forte offering over 100 programmes designed to cure specific medical problems and able to connect to two applicators simultaneously. These programmes differ in frequency, amplitude, impulse shape of the magnetic impulses and also the application time in order to achieve optimum treatment effect. Dependent on the type, the individual sets contain different applicators, which enable the use of Biomagnetic Renaissance® low frequency pulse magnetotherapy treatment for different body parts and diagnoses. Biomagnetic Renaissance® devices can thus offer almost universal application for your treatment.

Again, our manager Cyprus Mrs. Milada Alexandrou will help you with the choice of the appropriate sets or applicators.